Best Careers to Work Remotely

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A lot of people want to work from their homes. It cuts down on commute times and reduces gas costs. Most remote workers also say that it is less stressful and have more freedom working from home. Not every career allows you to work remotely, but there are a large number of them. Let’s take a look at some of the best professions to work remotely.

Writer And/Or Editor

Writing and editing are some of the easiest jobs to do from home. 99% of the time, you don’t need any specialized equipment, just your talent. Many businesses around the world are happy to hire a writer to work from home. Sometimes they are both a writer and editor. It cuts down on office space for the business and equipment costs.

It is better to become employed by a business as a remote writer because you often have a higher pay rate. However, freelance writing can also make you a lot of money as long as you can build up a reputation to get enough business.

Data Entry

Businesses around the world have more data to put into systems than their existing staff can handle. The work of inputting data from a variety of sources into databases is something that can be done from anywhere. This makes companies able to have remote workers put in data. Because businesses are always producing data, data entry consistently needs to be performed.

People who get into remote data entry often have jobs for as long as they want one. And if they need to, it isn’t too hard to find another job.

Online Marketing

Marketing is one of the most in-demand fields in the world. Online marketing is also effortless to get into, as there are many different areas that you can specialize in. Even more good news is that almost all online marketing can be done remotely, from home or a remote office.

With online marketing, you can learn some of the essential skills online then start small, building up your business as you go. Many big online marketing businesses started small and grew. Or, if you would rather go a more traditional route, you can apply to be a remote online marketing expert for an existing business.


Whether you are interested in app development, game development, software development, or any other tech development job, most of the work can be done remotely. Most of your learning for the industry can help too.

There are a lot of tech positions open around the world, but they are in high demand. You should expect competition if you are looking to snag one of the higher-paying jobs. Even the lower-paid positions can offer you great remote work opportunities, though.


Design is a significant demand in the online world and even for the print market. A lot of design jobs are remote because artists all have their own ways of being creative. There are also many different types of design work that companies demand, from graphics to website design. It is also an industry that is easy to learn on the internet with free classes and resources available readily to you.

Any number of jobs can be done remotely. Some are also hybrid positions where you do part of your work from home and part of it in the office. These are just some of the best careers that can lead you towards establishing yourself as a remote worker. They are also relatively easy to get into without any experience as you can do the right amount of learning online for various positions.

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