Top 5 Cities to Raise Children In

Top 5 Cities to Raise Children

When you are raising children, you must do everything you can to help them grow up happy, healthy, and safe. Part of the effort is to raise your children in a good city. Many cities around the world are great for raising children, but not all of them.

Today we will look at the top 5 cities in the United States to raise children in. Several factors went into these cities, from childcare to crime stats to schools and more.

Bozeman, Montana

In Bozeman, you will find Montana State University, but the city is still relatively small despite having a big school. With parks in the city and outdoor activities surrounding the city, it is far from your typical town. You might feel like you live in a giant playground, especially when raising kids in Bozeman.

Everything about the city is kid-friendly. The people are friendly, and there are plenty of businesses oriented towards your kid’s needs. Most importantly, Bozeman’s community is very close, you know who your neighbors are, and they know you. This works to create a much safer city and a more friendly city.

Boise, Idaho

The Pacific Northwest is a great place to raise children. People are friendly, there are myriads of outdoor activities, and there are many things to do. However, the two biggest cities in the PNW are Seattle and Portland. Both cities have a higher crime rate than Boise. Boise also has a much lower cost of living, making it a better place to call home.

Like Bozeman, Boise also holds a big school, Boise State University.

Morgantown, West Virginia

In 2018 Morgantown made it into the Top 100 Best Places To Live according to Livability. That should say something about the city. Like most other cities on this list, Morgantown is a relatively small place to call home with less than 31,000 residents. One reason the city is excellent is that it is hard for kids not to be entertained. There is much to do in the city.

Morgantown High School boasts the best graduation rate in the state at just under 90%. The other schools in the city are high too.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

As a more substantial city on this list, Ann Arbor still contains a bunch of outdoor activities. Over 150 parks are situated around the city, as are athletic and wooded areas. In 2019 it was at the top of Top 100 Best Places to live on Livability.

A good portion of the city’s population is educated, with almost 75% having a bachelor’s degree. As such, education is vital in this college city. The school district in Ann Arbor maintains a fantastic student to teacher ratio, 17 students per teacher on average.

Moscow, Idaho

When we talk about Moscow, we aren’t talking about Russia. We are talking about the small town in Idaho that is home to around 25,000 people. The smaller town nature of the city helps it to be very affordable. That same small-town nature makes it a great place to raise kids as you don’t have to worry about crime or commuting.

Moscow has a tiny school district, and teachers get much more one-on-one student time. Parents also know the teachers well, creating a pathway to educational success.

Any one of these cities would make a great place to raise a kid. Great schools, low cost of living, and stellar communities make for the best places to raise kids. Not every city is right for every family, so we recommend reading into each one before deciding.

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