Top Apps to Boost Your Brainpower

brain boosting apps

We all know that too much screen time can be bad for your brain, but you can optimize your screen time to have positive effects on your brain. Numerous apps have been developed to keep your mind healthy and fight the consequences of aging. From memory games to problem-solving challenges, brain-boosting comes in a lot of forms.

Science has shown that using apps that engage the brain and make you think can positively impact your mind. They also show that they can help to reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions and brain deterioration.

So what apps should you use to start boosting your noggin? Here are some of the top apps on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.


Lumosity is one of the original brain training websites and apps. More than 90 million people have logged onto Lumosity to start getting their brains in gear. A fit test on the app helps you to determine what level of each exercise you should be doing and which areas you should focus on. Then a daily reminder helps you to remember to engage your mind a little every day.

Of course, you can go on Lumosity and try any of the games, you don’t have to focus only on the areas where improvement could be beneficial. Lumosity tracks your scores, so you know how well your performance is increasing in each area.

While the app is free to download, there is a premium membership. Premium gives you access to all of the exercises as well as additional features on the website/app.


When it comes to competitors of Lumosity, Elevate is the next name in the brain training game. It has fewer users but also more exercises to help train your brain. The areas that Elevate claims to train are slightly different from Lumosity’s, but they can give you a broader range of mind enhancement.

Three games are completed every day with the basic version or with the pro version you complete five to help keep your brain training regular. The pro version of Elevate costs less than the Lumosity but has fewer users.

Like other programs on the market, Elevate helps you to track progress. You can see from daily progress on up to lifetime progress with your brain training.


Peak is very similar to the other two options on the list. It offers several games and activities that engage your brain. Where Peak makes a big difference is that they have brought multiple universities in on their game/exercise development. All of the games offer the right amount of brain training, but Peak’s could have a leg up.

Some of the games and activities on Peak may also be more enjoyable for the younger crowd who want to start brain training early. It is never too early to start your kid’s training to help them excel in school.

You can play any of the games on Peak as much as you want, but like Lumosity you still have a training plan. Unlike the other two, Peak’s brain training is three days a week. You get to pick the days and get reminders. All of that training can be tracked on the Peak performance area. It breaks down your improvement by game. Peak offers both a free option and a pro option.

These are three of the best and well-known brain-boosting apps on both Android and iPhone. You can pick one of them or try each of them out and pick which one works right for you. The more you engage in brain training, the more you can help your abilities grow.

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